Materials Accepted during the Fall Hall

Drain Cleaners                                                Oven cleaners

Metal polish                                                     Arts and crafts supplies

Photo chemicals                                            Floor cleaners

Dry cleaning fluids                                        Radiator cleaners

Rust preventatives                                       Wood preservatives

Wood strippers                                              Oil based paint

Paint thinner                                                   Solvents

Sealants                                                             Antifreeze

Engine and radiator flushes                      Transmission fluid

Old Chemistry sets                                        Pesticides

Herbicides                                                       Insect sprays

Brake fluid                                                        Rodent killers

Pool chemicals                                               Muriatic acid

Creosote                                                            Batteries

Moth balls                                                        Bleaches

Ammonia                                                         Cesspool cleaners

Mercury thermometers                             Compact fluorescent lamps

Mercury Thermostats                                 Fluorescent tubes

Jars of liquid Mercury                                E-scrap*

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