Dead Livestock Removal

After September 1, 2020, please contact Large Animal Composting of KY at (859) 397-1078. 

The Jessamine County Fiscal Court has contracted with Large Animal Composting of KY (LACKY) in Casey County to handle the removal of dead livestock in Jessamine County beginning September 1, 2020.  The removal of dead livestock is a free service offered to Jessamine County livestock owners/producers to ensure the proper disposal of dead animals to protect water quality and community health.

Mr. Brent Woodrum, Owner of LACKY, has stated that he wants Jessamine County livestock owners/producers to call or text as soon as the animal goes down so his company can pick up the animal as soon as possible.  “Text or call at any time of day or night,” said Mr. Woodrum. “I would prefer to know sooner rather than later,” he continued.

Mr. Woodrum asks that you please leave your name, phone number, and address of the location of the animal to be picked up. “We work using GPS to locate the pickup site,” said Mr. Woodrum.

The free service will include horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, goats, and any other type of agricultural animal. It will be the responsibility of the livestock owner/producer to place said animal in an easily accessible area that is on a solid surface such as a blacktop or gravel road near the front of the property. Furthermore, LACKY will not open any gate or pick up in an area that contains animals.

The free service will not include any commercial facilities such as vet clinics, stockyards or fairgrounds. LACKY will remove animals from these commercial facilities but it will involve your making arrangements with LACKY at a cost to you, payable at the time of pick up. Please remove horse shoes if possible.

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