Facility Reservations

The Jessamine County Fiscal Court takes reservations for county buildings including: Blue Building at City County Park; Old Jail on Main Street; High Bridge Pavilion in Wilmore; and the Keene Community Center in Keene. Priorities will be given to those who apply in person followed by phone calls in the order they are received. In order to rent facilites you must be a Jessamine County resident 21 year of age or older and have the required $200.00 security deposit at initial visit.

Contact Tiffany Shewmaker in Judge West’s office in regard to rental and scheduling of the Blue Building, Old Jail, High Bridge Pavilion, and Hall Church.

Tiffany Shewmaker – 859-885-4500

Contact Peggy McClintock at Camp Nelson in regard to rental and scheduling of the Oliver Perry White House and the Ludwig Center.

Peggy McClintock – 859-881-5716


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